The Spineliner is a technical tool, which has developed to examination and treatment of the spine . The device allows you to analyzing the function of the spinal segmental from vertebra to vertebra.

The investigation and treatment happens using of a special head, during the test the special head gives a mild blow off the test segments and detects waves reflected from the tissue. Measures the flexibility of tested Segment and gives  a graphical view of it. The reduced flexibility in the field refers to dysfunction, which may arise between the vertebrae small joints or muscles spasms. The device is able to analyze all part of the spine separately (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) and identify the spine profiles, which have a different resistance response.

After the analysis phase, the doctor / physiotherapist selects the segments which are needed to be adjusted. During the treatment Spineliner is knocking on the selected area with specific frequency (correction with resonance , ie the tissue with its own frequency) and power, thereby mobilizing the blocked segments. The vibration correctioned with resonance can be used effectively correct the abnormal  muscle tension in any area of the body since the waves are added together, so the whole effect can affect in deep layers.

After the treatment the spine can be re-examined, a before treatment and after treatment condition is comparable, this device is graphically displayed and saved it, so the improvement is easy to follow. After treatment, the pain reduction and mobility improvement immediately appreciable.